Switching out MenuBar – Part 2

Kevin had an interesting comment on my last blog that prompted me to write this note. First off, he gave me this suggestion to make it to work, which I think is cool. JMenuBar newMenu = getNewMenuBar(); JFrame frame = appContext.getFrame(); frame.setJMenuBar( newMenu ); newMenu.updateUI(); Also, he asked why I am creating multiple menu bars … more

Switching out JMenuBar

I was having a stupid problem when trying to switch out JMenuBar in a Swing app. The use case is like this. Initially, when the app is started, it displays a single File->Login.. menu. After the user logs in, depending on the role, the menu structure should change. You would think the following will work: … more

JavaOne '04

It was my first visit to downtown San Francisco. I was amazed at how steep the streets were! Equally steep were the parking prices. One time, I had to shell out $27 for about 4 hours. Crazy! It wasn’t too bad near Mascone center though, where JavaOne was going on. It was exciting to see … more