Does Indian Gen-Y and Gen-Z care about Science & Technology?

It was a glorious moment for the Indian Space program two days ago with the successful launch of the Chandrayaan-2 rocket, carrying a lander and rover to the moon’s south pole! However, I was really disappointed with the live stream viewership on YouTube. It was less than 200K when it got over!

This was a great opportunity to generate interest and awareness about Space Exploration, Science & Technology to the young minds, but it looks like we failed miserably! I asked my son if they had a watch party at school, to which he just replied ‘what? no!’ I wonder how many teachers seized this opportunity.

I made this graphic to illustrate the interest levels of the internet populace (mostly Gen-Y & Gen-Z, of the age range 7-40) in various events/media. It appears we have the priorities all mixed up.

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