Game of Life on Colorduino

It is Pi day, and I don’t want to let it go by without writing a blog post! So today I want to share with you a fun project I did last November, as soon as I got hold of a Colorduino. This is an implementation of Conway’s game of life. If you are not … more

Arduino Christmas Ornament

I’ve been wanting to tinker with RGB LED matrix for a while, and finally was able to do so earlier this month. It was fun programming some effects, game of life etc. on a 8×8 matrix using Arduino. Here is a Christmas ornament that I programmed. It shows a color changing star followed by scrolling … more

Drawing Hilbert curves with an NXT Plotter

Drawing Hilbert curves with an NXT Plotter

In early September, Kevin built a plotter using NXT, using the design from the book “The Unofficial LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Inventor’s Guide” by David Perdue & Laurens Velk. It is an amazing book with lot of good ideas and designs. I was not content with the NXT 2.0 text and the graphic it printed … more

Shades of Grey

In CSS, when I need a shade of grey, I often use hex rgb like #cccccc, #eeeeee etc. (or in short form, #ccc, #eee) I posed myself a question today: If by using repeated hex notation, do we evenly divide the grey space from #000000 to #ffffff? What I found was very interesting. Let us … more


Just realized I did not post any blog entries this whole year, so let me rush! I was casually looking for properties of the number 2014 this morning, and stumbled on to this neat property: – n^3 – n^2 – n – 1. When I looked up for n, a pleasant surprise! It was … more

Simple CSS only Stage Progress Indicator

Simple CSS only Stage Progress Indicator

I wanted to create a progress indicator that would show completed stages in a shade of green. Initially I was thinking of using Raphaeljs, but this task seemed solvable only by using CSS. So here is a simple jsfiddle I came up with showing how it can be done:

Christmas Tunes and Light Show with Arduino

I programmed 5 Christmas tunes in Arduino, and also made a synchronized light show with some special effects! It plays the following tunes in sequence after each key press: Jingle Bells The First Noel O Holy Night We Three Kings What Child is This Merry Christmas! Here is the source code if you are interested:  … more