India Breaks into Top 5 Supercomputers List!

Can you believe it? India has the Asia’s fastest supercomputer, and the world’s 4th fastest! I first heard the news on All India Radio (AIR) while channel surfing AM stations for cricket commentary. It is named EKA and built by Computational Research Laboratories (CRL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons. This is an wonderful … more

Fun with Google code search

I was playing with Google codesearch. Found the following interesting: real men program in C and don’t use exceptions! Find out the hidden treasures, aka easter eggs. l33t crowd.. mostly perl/php code. Some extremely complex code. shhh.. quietly ignore! hark to the bugs.. sweet silver bugs.. One guy was creative about twelve bugs of christmas, … more

Geotagging in Flickr

Yahoo maps + flickr = winning combination This is way cool!. Probably the most coolest toy after Google maps. Check out the geotagging feature in flickr. It allows you to attach your photos to geographical locations (on the map). The interface is clean and excellent. I just attached a bunch of my photos to locations … more