Google Sky is up!

First google maps (earth) –, released February 8 2005, Then google moon –, released July 2005, Then google mars –, released March 12, 2006, Now google sky!, released Today Check it out!

Ext 2.0 Tips

Ever since I started dabbling with Ext a few months back, I’m addicted to it. Ext 2.0 has wonderful API documentation, but there are many hidden treasures that are not apparent. I will start capturing some of these starting from this post. Toolbar Tips To create a separator between items, use ‘-’ between the items. ...

I’m Learning to Play Keyboard! 1

I have started learning keyboard! Last weekend, we had Kevin start his keyboard lessons, and I also succumbed to my long time craving for learning music. And, 2-3 hrs/wk was all I had to spend on it. Sounds too good isn’t it! Today was the first class. I used to play by hearing, but always ...

Some Interesting Quotes

that I came across recently: “Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won’t taste good.” – Joe Paterno “Don’t make someone a priority in your life, if you are just an option in their life” – Heard on talk radio. “Being bitter is drinking poison and hoping someone ...

Diwali ’07

Diwali ’07 Originally uploaded by rmadhuram This is one of the pictures I liked the most, from the set I took during Diwali of 2007.


Will someone please? If you are interested in a rescue mission, this deeply distressed water can be found in the Spencers Plaza food court :)

Conversation with my Son

Kevin: Daddy, do you want 25 or rhino?Me: I want rhino.Kevin: No no I want rhino. You pick something else! Oh, and by the way, for those interested in numismatics, I found this excellent site when searching for the 25 paise image shown above.

The Changing Face of Chennai! 2

This is the second Cayenne I have spotted in Chennai!. You can see a grand old Ambassador peering through the rear view mirror in contrast!

RoR and Scalability

I always had a doubt on the scalability of Ruby on Rails (RoR). I happened to meet a few RoR evangelists from ThoughtWorks at JAX India 2007 and I asked them about it. However, the answers I got were not convincing. Now here is an account of a guy who has encountered actual scaling issues ...

Lane Discipline

Nice sign, but er, where are the lanes?!!