My First Speeding Ticket!

Today I got my first speeding ticket, after 10+ years of driving. I clocked a paltry 68kmph, when according to the traffic police, the limit is 50kmph. This was on the Rajiv Gandhi Salai (near Tidel Park), one of the best roads in Chennai, during a lazy mid-holiday-morning, when there was no other vehicle on the stretch except mine. The police officer was polite though, and I paid the fine of Rs. 300.

I love to drive fast, but I drive responsibly. I honor all traffic lights (it is a rarity in Chennai), be courteous to pedestrians and other drivers, keep the lane etc. There are people who drive rash. Mind you, rash driving is totally different from fast driving. Unfortunately, the police (CCTP) have no means or intentions to take away those rude mongrels off the street.

Drinking is not illegal. However, they urge you to “drink responsibly”. I think speed limits should only be guidelines and drivers be let to “drive responsibly”.

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