Oh what a week!

Pretty eventful I’d say. Last thursday, RKM and me hit the road early morning for a 280km drive to Mayavaram to attend a wedding of our friend’s sister. It was a nice smooth drive upto Pondicherry, but after that we had to make our way through lots of small towns and dirt roads. We made … more

Today’s Attraction on GST Road

Today morning, around 10:15 AM, I was driving near Saidapet, and something unusual caught my attention and made my head turn to the left. So did the hundreds of motorists on two wheelers. It was a blonde white guy on a bicycle! He must have certainly looked different to people in this part of the … more


Just wanted to test tamil fonts.. செந்தமிழ் நாடெனும் போதினிலேஇன்பத்தேன் வந்துப்பாயுது காதினிலே!

Moving to Blogger…

After being on JRoller for a while (my first post was dated Jul 24, 2004), I decided to switch to Blogger, primarily because of the tools that are available and the neat templates. I have named this blog in honor of the first computer I owned in 1989 (thanks Dad!), called the Color Genie CG … more