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After being on JRoller for a while (my first post was dated Jul 24, 2004), I decided to switch to Blogger, primarily because of the tools that are available and the neat templates. I have named this blog in honor of the first computer I owned in 1989 (thanks Dad!), called the Color Genie CG 2000. This cute little computer had 32KB RAM, and 16KB ROM (yes, Kilobytes). I had to connect it to a television set for viewing. The data storage medium was cassette tapes. I had a special Phillips tape recorder that had a counter. I would carefully note down on the flap of the cassette cover, the count position for each file. That was the filesystem!.

It came with some exciting games like Donkey Kong, Eagles, Blitz etc. I was totally addicted to my Color Genie and started my programming career with it. The only software I bought was a Z-80 assembler, as converting to opcodes manually was a pain. It booted with Basic language. It was a lot of fun writing programs for the Color Genie. Recently I found it in the attic and dusted it off. The wires have been gnawed by rats and it sure is not in a working condition. However, it is currently sitting proudly in my office! Drop in some time if you want to see it. I will be glad to open it up and show the various components of this amazing machine.

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  1. Who made the CG2000? As you say, sounds like a fine little machine. If only I still had my old c64….

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