At JAX India 2007

We were at JAX India 2007 conference last week. It was a great experience to meet many like minded people under one roof! We had a booth representing our company, Impiger Technologies. The guys with me, Sai, Mahesh, Ashok, Umaima & Kamlesh were an enthusiatic bunch. We were busy throughout (well, for most part :)) and presented cool demos of the technologies and products we have created. I also gave a talk on Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF).

The weather was great in Bangalore. It was even raining during late afternoons! We stayed at the Capitol hotel. The room was pretty decent, but the bathroom was not clean for the kind of money they charge. The massage chair was great. Got a 20 minute back massage once. However, the internet connection sucked big time. They charge Rs. 600 (around US $15) for a day for a connection that barely makes it to 100kbps. And on the day of my presentation, the Murphy’s law took effect. I thought I could do some final touchups in the morning and woke up to find that the internet connection that I had subscribed for is broken! Called up the lobby to find out that it will be only back by 11 AM. Duh!

Anyway, I gave the talk with whatever I had and it turned out pretty well. I gave a demo of how we can start with a domain model (of a state diagram) and construct a full fledged graphical editor using GMF, with minimal effort.

Finally, as always, our Air Deccan flight to Chennai got cancelled and we were put on a late night flight and got back home at around 1:00 AM!

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