Let It Snow! v1.0 for Android Phones

Let It Snow! v1.0 for Android Phones

v1.0 Do you live near the Tropics and wish you had snow? or live in the Northern hemisphere and had enough of it? Don’t worry, this application will let you enjoy falling snow within the comforts of your home on your Android powered phone. Let it Snow! is a fun Android application for the Christmas … more

Special Date – 09/09/09

When written in the form mm/dd/yy, we get only 12 such dates in a century! The odds of seeing such dates this century is 12/36525 = 0.033%. Also, the odds are so much skewed towards the earlier part of the century. Another interesting fact about last such date – On 08/08/08, the Chinese decided to … more

At JAX India 2007

We were at JAX India 2007 conference last week. It was a great experience to meet many like minded people under one roof! We had a booth representing our company, Impiger Technologies. The guys with me, Sai, Mahesh, Ashok, Umaima & Kamlesh were an enthusiatic bunch. We were busy throughout (well, for most part :)) … more