Profanity in Eclipse Plugin!

I was trying to associate specific file type with PHP editor when I noticed some profane text in Eclipse! There is a content type called “s**t happens”, tied to .sql files. Can you believe it? See screenshot.  I traced it to DBEdit plugin.

I like humor in code, but I am strongly against profanity, even in its mildest form. Please let us keep it professional!

Update: Initially I thought it was part of PDT distro, but thanks to Wayne, who pointed out it could not be, I verified that it was not by downloading and checking the plugins. I apologize for the error.

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  1. “spit happens” ? I don’t get it, what’s obscene about that?

    Seriously though, lighten up. and for what it’s worth, I don’t see it in my Eclipse install. Perhaps check some other plugin hasn’t hijacked the .sql extension…

  2. Thanks for taking the time to research the source of this Raj. However, as near as I can tell, this particular plug-in is *not* distributed as part of “Eclipse for PHP Developers” [1] SR-1 (which, I believe is what you’re using). I’ve just downloaded it myself and the plug-in does not appear. I will investigate earlier versions.

    Could this plug-in have been installed separately at some point?


  3. @Donald, I don’t think it is a bug. This note is just about my observation and my personal opinion on the issue.

    @Pratik, thanks for the comment! I can see the lighter side of it definitely, and I do think it is funny. But if I have this kind of text on a product I deliver, will my customers tolerate this? May be, maybe not. But I definitely wouldn’t take that risk and would take all steps necessary to keep it clean.

    Also let me make it clear that DBEdit is one of the excellent plugins available, and this note is by no means to belittle that.

    @Wayne, thanks for the note. I will check if I still have that tarball available. I know for sure I got it from one of the mirrors. AFAIK, I have not installed any other plugins on this particular machine.

  4. Wayne, please see the update above. I checked my installation history and found that this plugin was installed 4 minutes after PDT. I just could not remember how it got there, but definitely it is proof it did not come from the distro. Thanks for checking and letting me know!

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