Fractal Christmas Tree on Your Mobile – My Christmas Gift to You

Fractal Christmas Tree on Your Mobile - My Christmas Gift to You

Jad and Jar files: Christmas.jad, Christmas.jar Source: Here is a little gift from a geek to fellow geeks. This fractal Christmas tree can be run on your mobile phone. It is written using Java ME, utilizing the amazing LWUIT toolkit from Sun. You can configure various parameters and change the look of the tree.

At JAX India 2007

We were at JAX India 2007 conference last week. It was a great experience to meet many like minded people under one roof! We had a booth representing our company, Impiger Technologies. The guys with me, Sai, Mahesh, Ashok, Umaima & Kamlesh were an enthusiatic bunch. We were busy throughout (well, for most part :)) … more

Programmers Dont Like To Code!

Duh! In other news, Astronauts on ISS don’t like outer space!. But this link was forwarded to me by my collegue Santosh. Here’s my take on that: Rosenberg is wrong. Programmers don’t like coding, they like problem solving. Mathematicians like problem solving! Farmers like problem solving! Accountants like problem solving! At least most of the … more


I discovered an excellent piece of Java software called JAlbum. If you want to create photo albums for the web, give it a try. It seems to be very well written and has a clean interface.

Making Tapestry Pickup Changes without Restarting the Server

I keep losing this tip, so I’m recording it here. In order to have Tapestry reload the changes made in page templates without having to reload the web app, you need to start Tomcat (or any other container) with the following flags: -Dorg.apache.tapestry.disable-caching=true If you are using MyEclipse IDE, then configure it like this: As … more

bundleentry: resolution in Eclipse Plugins

Under Eclipse 3.0, when you try to resolve a file under your plugin, you will be presented with a URL that looks like this: bundleentry://6/ So, invoking getFile() on the URL will return null, as the protocol is not a file protocol. In order to get around this, you will have to use the following … more

Good site for Eclipse UI Programming

This site has tons of illustrations and examples on UI programming on the Eclipse platform. It also has a very well illustrated example of creating an RCP application. In case you don’t know about RCP, it stands for Rich Client Platform, a new way to develop independent native applications using the Eclipse platform. P.S: Here … more