We’re on the moon!

It’s an incredibly proud day for an Indian! We have successfully impacted a probe on the surface of the moon, and also gave a sound thrashing to England with a 158 run victory! Yuvraj must have thought he could land one on the moon before the MIP does its job!!

There are a few skeptics who ask whether this going to moon thing is warranted, given the fact other countries have done this already. You can catch a lot of discussions on slashdot, on how US had done it 40+ years before and we are just catching up. No matter what anyone else says, there is one singular thing I’m proud of – the fact that we can do such scientific feats ourselves. It need not demonstrate any superiority. Compared to what US & Russia has already accomplished in space, this is just peanuts. But then, you have to start somewhere, which is a lot better than going nowhere!

Congratulations to all who involved in the mission. Just one humble request, please get a good PR company and make some noise. We need to get our kids excited about this phenomenal accomplishment! Such a thing should give them tremendous confidence that we can do it – Yes, we can!

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