Need Sai Babes? You can download them from Airtel!

It is 11:53 PM and I got this WAP message on my phone just few minutes back:

Lord Ganesh, Siva, Sai Babes images! Unmilited images

Note that these are the EXACT words – typos not mine. I had deleted the message as soon as it came, as nowadays, the junk I get from Airtel is intolerable. Then somehow I felt it didn’t sound right – babes and gods in one line? Maybe I misread? Just to verify, I then dug it up from the trash folder and found that indeed I had read it correctly! It took a while for me to realize that it should have been “Sai Baba’s” (the hindu holy man) instead! The WAP URL, if you are interested, is

The promo messages from Airtel for their WAP services simply stinks!!

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