Reminiscing Kinzan

I was talking to my former colleague at Kinzan, Trent Barnes, today and he mentioned it was the 2nd anniversary of closing of Kinzan, which prompted this blog post! I had the privilege of working with many expert programmers there and learnt a lot. We did a lot of cool stuff on cutting edge web technologies. I miss you Kinzan!

One of the best part of working at Kinzan was to see our product getting recognized. I’m reminded of Robert Scoble’s blog post that was such a morale booster. My personal favorite was when Randy Hudson and Pratik Shah (creators of GEF) came over to our booth at an EclipseCon and virtually exclaimed that our tool was the best application of GEF they had ever seen! Another one was when a product manager of RIM (creators of Blackberry) came to our booth and lamented that they had spent more than a year trying to create such a tool and weren’t even half way there!

Also comes to memory are the countless games of ping pong we played (India vs. China vs. USA :)), endless cans of Coke, Kinzan Olympics, Beach party and the ever wonderful Carlsbad weather. I should also mention Garland, who is my mentor, friend and former CTO of Kinzan who inspired us all and kept us going!

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