AWS Meetup Chennai

We, the motley crew from Impiger (Ashok, Abi, Ram, Priya, Umaima and myself) just returned from AWS Chennai meetup. It was a great evening and we were able to hear what’s new in AWS from Jinesh Varia, the evangelist from Amazon.

One of the highlights of the event was the demos. The coolest, imho was from nboomi. It has some cool 3D models of homes which you can customize. It is flash based and the demo was fascinating. It seems they store the models in S3. When I tried it out though, my Firefox memory usage shot through the roof and I had to kill it. I’m sure they will fix those kinks pretty soon. Also, our demo of Boxcloud was received well. I also got introduced to Hadoop and TimesMachine.

One problem with AWS is the barrier to entry for developers, as they are required to sign up with a credit card. I suggested that Amazon lower that barrier by providing sandbox APIs. They can control it by clearing out the data periodically and limiting the number of hits from an IP per day. Jinesh is going to look into that. I hope one day it will happen :)

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