Cuil – Cool – Cold?

The wannabe Google killer Cuil (pronounced cool) failed to impress. Like many others on the net who did the same thing, I tried out ego-searching. What I found was that, it didn’t even return 20% of the result what Google gives. Among the ones it returned, interestingly, it somehow associated one of my conference papers to a concentration camp memorial! (See the attached screenshot). Oh, please don’t try to be too smart!!

However, as a bonus, when I did a similar search on google to compare, it unearthed a software that I had put on the web around 10 years ago, called Tcl-O-Scope, that I had totally forgotten. I still love you google :)

Oh btw, did I mention that I have advanced to the second round of google code jam 2008!

Cuil has a long way to go.. Unless it warms up and deliver results, it will become permafrost pretty soon!

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