RoR and Scalability

I always had a doubt on the scalability of Ruby on Rails (RoR). I happened to meet a few RoR evangelists from ThoughtWorks at JAX India 2007 and I asked them about it. However, the answers I got were not convincing. Now here is an account of a guy who has encountered actual scaling issues ...

Lane Discipline

Nice sign, but er, where are the lanes?!!

Travelling Swordfish! 2

How does a swordfish travel in Chennai? In an auto, of course!

Use of Recursion!

This piece from Stevey’s blog was hilarious! – The engineer has formulated a proof that invalidates one of the most fundamental results in Computer Science, specifically that “recursion” and “iteration” are formally equivalent. — snip —The anonymous author of the paper has found that there is in fact one thing you can do using recursion ...

Antichrist @ Greenpark?


Saw this interesting note on a blog comment – “But then again… what in life is not a paradox… that the more you love someone, the more you’d be taken for granted.“

Reminiscing Kinzan

I was talking to my former colleague at Kinzan, Trent Barnes, today and he mentioned it was the 2nd anniversary of closing of Kinzan, which prompted this blog post! I had the privilege of working with many expert programmers there and learnt a lot. We did a lot of cool stuff on cutting edge web ...

I’m iNFp 2

I took the online personality test based on Jung-Myers-Brigg typology. It classifies each person in one of 16 types, either Extravert – Introvert Sensing – Intuition Thinking – Feeling Judging – Perceiving I came out to be iNFp (Introvert-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving). Scary – seems to be fairly accurate! One thing I’d like to find out is that, ...

Sign that don’t make sense

What sign do you see on the picture? If you said “FREE LEFT TURN”, no marks for you! It actually says “NO FREE LEFT TURN”. If you look closely, you can see the word “NO” in red. It is so tiny and what choice of a color is red over blue? This sign is on ...

Loving Beauties!

I just got a browser message on my phone that said: “Loving Beauties: Click here to capture”, and I thought to myself, what an oxymoron!