It's a blue, blue Christmas for "Men in Blue"

Men in Blue singing at the trophy: I’ll have a blue Christmas without you I’ll be blue thinking about you Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree Won’t be the same if you’re not here with me And when those blue snowflakes start falling That’s when those blue memories start calling You’ll be doin’ … more

Blue Billion S(t)inks!

I am appalled by the pathetic performance of the Indian team in South Africa. How can a team allow their opponents who were crumbling at 76/6 in less than 20 overs to manage an imposing 274/7? On the other hand, full credits to RSA/Kemp for their amazing performance.

Child labor in Chennai

We were driving around Chennai on Independence Day (Aug 15). It was quite sad to see many kids selling flags at every other traffic signal. These kids were beautiful, smiling and full of energy. They deserve better things in life like education and security. Every day I believe kids like these are in plain view … more

Google's holiday doodle

For the last few years, 3 of the 4 holiday doodles of Google end with lighting up the Google logo: I’m pretty sure this year it is going to be the same too.