4 Replies to “Presidential Anagrams

  1. From the anagrams of “Anagrams for geekraj”

    Managers Manager
    Game maker
    Gone far
    From Rank
    Genome engram
    Raja, rare
    Frank, Ranger
    Mango Jam.. From a fan ..Amen :)

    (PS. It is up to you to publish this in your blog, this is just my opinion..just passing on my thought as a end user)

  2. Doh ! thatz not even anagram by counts..just used the words from the anagram list to convey something i guess…me and my brains :)

  3. Thanks for the comments Uma! Never mind about the formation :) Mango Jam is nice.. yum.

    In the presidential anagrams, I especially liked the “Bush Karma Abase Icon” for Obama. It looks like he is indeed abasing (reversing rather) some of Bush’s karmas, like relaxing restrictions in stem cell research..

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