Killing fake Paypal emails (identity thefts)

I was getting spammed by fake Paypal emails that looks like this. It looks original (these culprits hotlink the images to real paypal site). However, when you view the source, you will notice that the link that says “Click here to verify your account” leads to their fake site that collects user name and password. … more

My Erdos number is 3!

Today I made a stunning discovery that my Erdös number is 3!. This is how it goes: Paul Erdös (0) -> Ambikeshwar Sharma (1) -> Ram Mohapatra (2) -> Rajkumar Madhuram (3) hurray!! I have the following three papers with Dr. Ram Mohapatra (of UCF): Rajkumar Madhuram, Ratan Guha, and R.N. Mohapatra, “Multiresolution Representation of … more

Adaptive UIs

I came across this snippet Very appropriate analogy on how an UI should be designed. This illustrates how the user adapts to an UI. On the other hand, can UI adapt to the user? Some times, I find it annoying when some MS s/w try to be smart, like presenting a paper clip or … more