Adaptive UIs

I came across this snippet
Very appropriate analogy on how an UI should be designed. This illustrates how the user adapts to an UI. On the other hand, can UI adapt to the user? Some times, I find it annoying when some MS s/w try to be smart, like presenting a paper clip or automatically offering to complete a sentence thinking that I’m about to write a letter.

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  1. Well it should – to further extend the analogy the at least one of the people serving me rememebers what I usually have, and just asks “The Usual?”. In fact I think you’ve inspired me to make a new post…

  2. Hi Sam,

    Thanks. You are a master of analogies :) I’m sure there must have been some substantial work done in the research community on the topic of UI adapting to the user. Would be interesting to see what’s out there..


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