Happy NXT Holidays!

Last weekend we walked into Fry’s to find an awesome deal for Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0. Mindstorms is a robotics system for kids 10+ years, and it comes with 3 servo motors and 4 sensors (1 ultrasonic sensor, 1 color sensor and 2 touch sensors), and a wide variety of Lego technic pieces. I had always wanted to buy one for my son Kevin (and for me too, he he), so couldn’t pass up this deal!

Getting back home, Kevin and I immediately got to work, and he was able to build the shooter bot quite easily with little help from me on the programming side. Shooterbot is one of the examples that come with the NXT software.

Next couple of days, I was pretty much occupied with it and built a robot that would paint geometric patterns! Expect more details, pictures and videos in my next post!!

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