I wanted to create a robot that can draw something on a paper. Searching for some inspirations, I found on YouTube, a variety of very amazing and cool implementations. Yet, they all drew on a horizontal plane, and were mechanically complex. I wanted something that I could mount on my son’s easel, and draw like a painter. Being a complete mechanical noob and only 2 days of robotics experience behind me, I set out to design a very light contraption that would draw something interesting. During my research, I was heavily influenced by this non-lego robot. First I played with a few technic pieces to model the arms and then hooked it up to couple of servo motors. The result is what I call a PlotterBot!.

As you can see, it is very simple. Two motors drive a pantograph mechanism. A pen is taped to the tip of the pantograph.

Following are some of the patterns it drew:

Here is the PlotterBot in action!

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