Killing fake Paypal emails (identity thefts)

I was getting spammed by fake Paypal emails that looks like this. It looks original (these culprits hotlink the images to real paypal site). However, when you view the source, you will notice that the link that says “Click here to verify your account” leads to their fake site that collects user name and password. … more

Good site for Eclipse UI Programming

This site has tons of illustrations and examples on UI programming on the Eclipse platform. It also has a very well illustrated example of creating an RCP application. In case you don’t know about RCP, it stands for Rich Client Platform, a new way to develop independent native applications using the Eclipse platform. P.S: Here … more

Switching out MenuBar – Part 2

Kevin had an interesting comment on my last blog that prompted me to write this note. First off, he gave me this suggestion to make it to work, which I think is cool. JMenuBar newMenu = getNewMenuBar(); JFrame frame = appContext.getFrame(); frame.setJMenuBar( newMenu ); newMenu.updateUI(); Also, he asked why I am creating multiple menu bars … more

Switching out JMenuBar

I was having a stupid problem when trying to switch out JMenuBar in a Swing app. The use case is like this. Initially, when the app is started, it displays a single File->Login.. menu. After the user logs in, depending on the role, the menu structure should change. You would think the following will work: … more

My Erdos number is 3!

Today I made a stunning discovery that my Erdös number is 3!. This is how it goes: Paul Erdös (0) -> Ambikeshwar Sharma (1) -> Ram Mohapatra (2) -> Rajkumar Madhuram (3) hurray!! I have the following three papers with Dr. Ram Mohapatra (of UCF): Rajkumar Madhuram, Ratan Guha, and R.N. Mohapatra, “Multiresolution Representation of … more

JavaOne '04

It was my first visit to downtown San Francisco. I was amazed at how steep the streets were! Equally steep were the parking prices. One time, I had to shell out $27 for about 4 hours. Crazy! It wasn’t too bad near Mascone center though, where JavaOne was going on. It was exciting to see … more

Adaptive UIs

I came across this snippet Very appropriate analogy on how an UI should be designed. This illustrates how the user adapts to an UI. On the other hand, can UI adapt to the user? Some times, I find it annoying when some MS s/w try to be smart, like presenting a paper clip or … more